Nyhedsbreve – Gamle!

Her finder du vores dansksprogede nyhedsbreve, værsågod;

ANKOMST:  Se rutebeskrivelse og kort her.

Nyhedsbreve 2017 – Vi har ingen endnu …

Nyhedsbreve 2016 – Ikke klar . Nedenfor kan du læse hvordan det gik for sig sidste år;

Nyhedsbreve 2015:

Nyhedsbrev #3 — 22 Juni 2015 — (undtagelses vist på engelsk)

Hello partycipants.

Here comes the last large pile of information before the festival starts, please read all of it through carefully before posing further questions to the organizers 🙂

Preparing for the official work
We all need to take the online course Roskilde provides for all employees in our section. To do this please do the following some time soon when you have an hour to study:

1) Go to http://www.rfelearning.dk
2) Choose language = English
3) Click “Create new account”
4) Fill out the form and choose “Create my new account”
5) Go to your email and click the link they just sent you.
6) Choose “Course for voluntary work at roskilde 2015”
7) Provide Enrolment key = deu
8) Finish all parts of the course (this may take an hour or more)
9) When you finish the quiz in all 5 parts of the course they will send your diploma to your email. It is important that you get the certificate so do the entire course asap!

Last but not least: Bring warm clothes and a rain suit. Night may be comfy and may cold (6-7 degrees C). You need good clothes for a 8 hour night shift.

Once you reach Roskilde, get to entrance EAST and proceed South on the paved road called “Vor Frue Hovedgade”. A couple of hundred meters down the road, there will be a dual dirt road on your right hand leading West into the back area of City Center East. It will be manned with people in orange vests and they should answer positively to being gate 53 … Once you reach gate 53 call us at +45 5258 9995, prepare for a long wait here, we will come as soon as possible but we organizers are particularly busy during the beginning of the festival…
We also tailored a couple of maps to make things easy for you when you arrive. Not too easy of course, so we wrote the key points of interest in Esperanto. So here are some clues: Pordo = gate, Bazo = base, Dormejo = sleeping place.

Alveno Roskilde 2015

The food system – we cook and eat together
As you may know from earlier years our food system is based on voluntary work, the organizers provide the raw materials for food for the entire crew (which includes you), the crew themselves cook, clean and make general order in the base area. If you want to eat with us you MUST help with cooking, cleaning or making order/other needed tasks.

Our sleeping arrangements
From year to year we collect tents, mats, sleeping bags and blankets that we store in our container to be used next year. This year however, we have more people interested in sleeping in our tents than we may have sleeping slots. Unfortunately we do not know exactly how many tents we have, as they were hastily packed last year. In case of lack of tents, we will take more than half of the common tents and make them into this years “hot bed” system. It will work like this: Everyone who is on our team and sleepy may sleep in our hot bed tents, however no one can expect to get the same place twice. If you cannot accept sleeping like this bring your own gear, that will also provide some kind of privacy that is not guaranteed otherwise.

Please inform us in case you do not need one of our tents anyway, as it will make things easier for us. By middle next week, about Wed June 24 we will be on site and will make a detailed tent count as fast as possible. NB. You should bring your own sleeping bag!

We need help with putting up and taking down of the tents, cleaning and ordering in the base area, tent camp and work area – Both during and after the festival … Our common areas are only as pleasant as we ourself make them, so please help by cleaning after yourself and the others every time you have used any of the common areas.

Work shifts
As you should know, the required amount of work is 4 shifts of 8 hours plus mandatory briefing ½ before each shift at the base. Our teams consists of pairs, one of which should be Danish speaking and carrying a radio. At work each pair will receive a call name for use on radio. The call name may change from shift to shift and is not related to your group number in the work schedule.
You may want to arrange a change a shift with someone else. This is possible in the work schedule, write a comment as shown below:

Andi malhelo

NB. All changes to the work plan must be approved by the team organizers. Please write to us about mutual consent or show up on-site at the base and tell us about your plans.
Also please note that the present work schedule may be subject to changes by us or the festival leaders. This may happen due to cancellations or general changes in the work teams.

Internal communication – radios
We will be using a small number of radios for our internal communication, case of urgencies, general municipation (food, water) and so on. One radio will be active with the base leader on duty and one or two radios will be present at work site. These radios are ours and will be freely used only by us. There are no language restrictions on our radios, we will however favour use of Esperanto.

Telephone numbers you may need
Please add these numbers to your phone or write them on a piece of paper you bring along (or both). Our main number will be operational 24/7 from June 25:

MAIN: +45 5258 9995
Rasmus: +45 2240 0777
Simon: +45 5178 3644 (+46 768 436 828)
Jacob: +45 2620 6512

Minimum requirements
We hope that you will engage in our team and our tasks with great diligence, however you should know that if you choose to party mostly on your own there are a set of minimum requirements we expect you to fulfill, they are;
1) Do the online course.
2) Show up at the base half an hour before all your shifts.
3) Stay on (sober) during all your shifts. Don’t sit down in public.

That’s all for now folks – CU in Roskilde soon!

Team Esperanto

Nyhedsbrev #2 — 09 Juni 2015 —

Hej Danskere.

Vi har vores vagtplan klar og kører vagtønsker efter først til mølle princippet hvor vejen til møllen er depositum betaling.

Desuden har vi stadig frie pladser, så fortæl gerne en ven om vores forening og de gode internationale muligheder du har for at øve lidt sprogkundskaber med os.

Vagtplanen med beskrivelse finder du på forsiden.

Mvh. Esperanto holdet.

Nyhedsbrev #1 — 11 Maj 2015 —

Hej Danskere.

Status hos os er at vi har takket ja til jobbet som Camping vagt på Dream City (Område H) … Det er et 92 mands job hvor alle skal opdeles i 2 mands hold med 1 dansktalende på hvert hold som skal bære radio.

Vi skal være 10-16 personer på jobbet til en hver tid under hele festivallen (dog 20 lørdag nat). Vi har endnu ikke lavet en arbejdsplan så musik/vagt ønsker er endnu ikke aktuelt.

Hvis du vil bo på medarbejder camping sammen med os så skal du melde dette ud til os så hurtigt som muligt – Som udgangspunkt forventer vi at du ikke er interesseret i dette.

Esperanto halvdelen er tæt på fuld, men vi har stadig pladser til dansktalende så hvis du vil have en ven med så henvis hen gerne til at kontakte os på email esperantoungdom@gmail.com eller gennem vores tilmeldingsformular.

Vi la’r høre af os igen når vi kommer lidt nærmere festivalen.

Mvh. Esperantoholdet!

——– Slut på nyhedsbrev 1 ————




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