Vi er tilgængelige på fællesmailen roskildefestivalo@gmail.com (vi svarer rimeligt hurtigt) eller evt. telefon.  Her er navne og numre på vores dansktalende ledere:

Vagttelefon (første kontaktpunkt):  5258 9995

Rasmus Høyrup tlf: 2240 0777

Simon Dambier tlf: +46 768 436 828

Jacob Nordfalk tlf: 2620 6512

2 pensoj pri “Kontakt

  1. Hello, i would like to join you and help as volunteer.
    I tried last year, but i could not come because i was very sick.
    I have been working as volunteer for many years at several festivals and in different countries in Europe.
    I have many experiences and i can help lot because i love to give my best to make festival success.
    I speak many languages fluently as French, Italian, Spanish, English and quiet lot German and bit Dutch.
    I was volunteer At Reggae Sun Ska (France),Exit( Serbia), Transylvania calling (Romania), Antaris Project (Germany), Hadra (France),Boom (Portugal), summer Jam ( Germany, Lost theory (Croatia) and many others…
    I wish that this year i can make it. i have been at Roskilde many years ago and wish to come back as volunteer. I worked also at Psychedelic Trance festivals with danish Deco team. i am quiet good on that as i did that job in many festivals. I was also playing music with african band at Roskilde as entertainer
    I am really looking forward to come back to Roskilde and to help you. I was invited to come back.
    I wish i can make it this year as volunteer. Tak!
    I hope to hear from you.
    All the best!



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