Arrival 2017

How to get your volunteer armband in Roskilde?

Before you get to the fesitval site, you need to take the festival ticket on your own from the Volunteer Check-in at point 1 on this map (Roskilde Handelsskole, Bygning 6, Bakkesvinget 67) . It is easy to spot because of some signs. You can take a shuttle bus from the Roskilde Station for 20 DKK or walk 2 km. It is not situated within the festival site, but in the town.

Remember to take you armband document (you will receive it by e-mail), on a smartphone or printed. Take a place in the queue and wait until you finally get the armband.

In case of problems, call +45  5258 9995 (or +45 2240 0777).

How to find us in the festival site?

Look at the map and find out where the entrance WEST is. You can walk there another 2 km from Check-in or get on another shuttle bus to the Entance West bus stop. From there on, head for the big windmill for about 300 m.

Near the windmill search for people in orange vests and ask them about Gate 24.

Once you have found the gate, call us at (+45) 5258 9995 and wait there Depending on how much occpied we are at the moment, it might happen that you will need to wait some time until one of us comes and brings you to the base.

After that you will be among us again and we will show you how everything works. Here is the map form the previous year, but it is good enough for this year as well.

Mapo RF16 eta

The Gates 24 and 25 are just side by side.