Arrival 2019

How to get your volunteer wristband in Roskilde?

Before you get to the fesitval site, you need to take the festival wristband-ticket on your own from the Volunteer Check-in at point 1 on this map (Roskilde Handelsskole, Bygning 6, Bakkesvinget 67) . It is easy to spot because of big signs. You can take a shuttle bus from the Roskilde Station for 20 DKK or walk 2 km. It is not situated within the festival site, but in the town. (Be careful: don’t take the festival train before you get the armband).

Remember to take the wristband document with you (you will receive it on your People account), on a smartphone or printed. Get into the queue and wait until you finally get the wristbandband.

In case of problems, call Jacob: +4526206512, or Simon: +4551783644.

How to find us at the festival site?

Look at the map and find out where our base is (point 3). You can walk there another 2 km, over the motorway, as shown on the map. You could possibly take a shuttle bus to Entance West, which is not far away form the base.

Near the base search for a green esperanto-flag. If for any reason you don’t manage to get a wristband or to find our base, call us at +4526206512 or +4551783644.

After that you will be among us again and we will show you how everything works. We’ll give you a volunteer camping wristband, if you’ve pre-ordered such. The camping is almost near the base (point 4). Please go there to leave your luggage before getting ready to work at the Gate 19 Avalon (point 2).